How to make staff group shots easier

March 29, 2024
Three images of photographer Sarah HendersonThree images of photographer Sarah Henderson

There is an easier way to get group shots!

Getting all staff members together on one day for a group photoshoot can be exhausting. Also, getting group staff images can seem like a waste of money when someone quits right after you just took them.

Single image of beautiful woman ready for composite
Professional Photography: Depiction Portraits by Diana, Smithsburg MD

Did you know Desired Focus Photography can take individual pictures and merge them into a composite group shot?

In the world of business, efficiency is key.

That's why many companies schedule staff pictures at their main location on a day when most employees are present. Desired Focus Photography has photographed Olawale Law in Westerville, The Edwards Group of Morgan Stanley at Easton in Columbus, Northpointe Dental in Zanesville, AB Law in Zanesville, and Dawes Arboretum in Newark as well.

Unlike group shots that require the entire office to stop working at the same time, our individual portrait sessions keep the workflow going without interruption.

New hires or employees that missed the photoshoot at the office, simply visit our Granville studio for their photos.

Also, when employees leave your company, updating group shots for your website is quick and easy. And you don't pay for everyone to get their picture taken again! Just send me an email telling me who to remove and I'll update your group shot within a day. Our streamlined process ensures professional results with minimal disruption.


Want to see some examples of my group shots?


Check out the Edwards Group at this link:
The Edwards Group of Morgan Stanley

Below is a composite image of the Northpointe Dental team:

Group photo of Northpointe Dental


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