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    We Can Make Your Headshot Look Amazing!

    Getting a great professional headshot can make a big difference to your business success and speaks volumes about your expertise and competence. When you get a business headshot with us it will not only enhance your personal brand but also convey trust and credibility.

    Many people dread having a headshot taken and worry they won't look good, but we are here to help – it's our job to make you look great!

    You are one step away! Get headshot portraits you'll be delighted with and elevate your image. Contact Sarah at our Granville headshot studio to book your session.

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    Professional Business  Headshots in Columbus, OhioProfessional Business  Headshots in Columbus, Ohio

    Make your next headshot your best ever!

    We help you relax and guide you through the process of posing, giving facial expression coaching to bring out the best you, and giving you the best professional headshots Columbus has to offer!

    Professional Headshot for business woman in Columbus, OhioProfessional Headshots in Columbus, Ohio

    As a professional headshot photographer Columbus businesses highly recommend, I can help you get images that match your corporate or company brand. I can also provide group shots where we take each person's photo individually and then combine them in to a group composite. This makes it easy to add new members to an existing team photo as your business grows.

    Read more about the benefits of composite group shots here.

    Read our latest reviews

    • j b
      j b
      3 weeks ago
      Sarah took my son's senior photos and they look AWESOME! The photos really brought out his personality, and she touched them up beautifully. We chose to have the photos done at her studio which has great lighting and backgrounds for her photos. The process was so easy! We drove there from Columbus and it was so worth the trip!! I HIGHLY recommend Desired Focus Photography.
    • Kunal Mallik
      Kunal Mallik
      3 months ago
      Incredible experience. I am not comfortable in front of a camera and Sarah made the entire experience comforting and natural. She’s so passionate about photography and really cares about making sure you leave with images you feel happy with. I recommend Sarah to anyone looking for extremely high quality work - a million times over !
    • Sarah is such a gift as a person, friend and photographer! She did my pregnancy photoshoot and I can’t be more grateful with her work and with the way she made me feel! I loved that she allowed me to be creative with her.The photos are stunning and meaningful to me since was my first pregnancy. Now that baby boy is with us I can’t wait to do newborn photos and experience another awesome time in the studio with my family and Sarah!
    • Monica Lewis
      Monica Lewis
      4 months ago
      I had a great experience with Sarah and team at Desired Focus. The hair and makeup made me look better than I thought possible and Sarah takes away all nervousness during the shoot. "Highly Recommend!"
    • Daniel Wiley
      Daniel Wiley
      4 months ago
      Amazing work by Sarah to make an average guy look like a superstar! I enjoyed our session - lots of energy and enthusiasm. It’s clear that Sarah not only has a unique talent….but a real passion and love for what she’s doing!
    • OutvilleSanta
      6 months ago
      As a professional Santa, I have worked with many photographers. Desired Focus Photography and Sarah are spectacular. Her creativity with how she incorporates certain props make the experience loads of fun and her pictures always turn out incredible. I look forward to many more photo shoots with her in the future.
    • Laurie Marple
      Laurie Marple
      6 months ago
      Sara made me feel very special and so beautiful. Her photo shoots leave you feeling like you’re some one special. The time she spends with you is phenomenal and the quality of her photos is top notch. I’m proud to say that I am one of her clients.
    • Melissa Hann
      Melissa Hann
      8 months ago
      Fantastic experience! Went into Sarah's studio for headshots of my high school senior and Sarah delivered art! She made him feel comfortable from the first moment. Amazing!
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    What is a headshot?

    A professional business headshot is a high-quality photograph typically used for official purposes such as company websites, LinkedIn profiles, business cards, and promotional materials.

    It focuses on the individual’s head and shoulders, displaying a polished appearance suitable for the business environment. The subject usually looks directly at the camera, offering a clear, confident expression that conveys professionalism and approachability. The background is often neutral or subtly textured to keep the focus on the person’s face.

    What sort of expressions do people have in head shots?

    In professional headshots, the expressions people choose are generally tailored to convey professionalism and approachability. Common expressions include:

    1. Neutral: A calm and composed look, neither smiling nor frowning, which can be perceived as professional and serious.
    2. Friendly Smile: A gentle, modest smile that can make the individual seem more approachable and warm, suitable for client-facing roles or service industries.
    3. Confident Smile: A more pronounced smile that projects confidence and energy, often used by executives, sales professionals, or anyone aiming to convey leadership and positivity.

    Do people get multiple headshots for different scenarios?

    People often get multiple business headshots with different expressions to suit various professional scenarios.

    For example, a lawyer might use a neutral expression for official profiles but a friendly smile for brochures or promotional content. Similarly, a real estate agent might prefer a confident smile across all platforms to appear engaging and trustworthy to potential clients. This versatility allows individuals to tailor their image to different audiences and communication contexts.

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