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Professional Photographer based in Zanesville, Ohio and serving Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati

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Photography Services

I am a professional photographer located in Zanesville, Ohio and serving the Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland areas. I provide a range of photography services for personal and professional branding and businesses.

Whatever the product or service your business provides, using high quality images to present yourself is vital. A great looking catalog, website or brochure will only look great if it has great photos - I can work with graphic and web designers to help make your business look fantastic!

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Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography, Family Portraits, Senior Photos and more!

I also love photographing families. Call me when you are about to ask your loved one to marry you or when you are ready to send out “Save the Date” cards to guests you’d love at your wedding. Let’s celebrate your pregnancy with romantic pictures. During labor or within a few days after birth, I can help you get newborn photography.

I’d love to help you remember the first wobbly steps of your toddler and the sweet smiles of your little preschoolers that just lost a tooth. Each year, or a few times a year, you can take pictures of your entire family. And when your little one isn’t so little, we can help you cherish the last year of High School with Senior pictures.

If you’re looking for a pro photographer in Zanesville then you’ve come to the right place! But I also travel around Ohio and provide photo sessions in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and beyond. I’ve been in the photography business for many years now and I’ve got a lot of experience and enjoy helping my clients feel at ease, so that the photo shoot experience is fun, natural and, best of all, brings wonderful results. If you have any questions or need some advice don’t hesitate to give me a call or send a quick email. I’m always happy and ready to help.


I am Strong Campaign

The “I am Strong” campaign is a series of articles giving attention to the stories of women who are overcomers.

My hope is that the experiences of these ladies will encourage us all to see possibilities, grasp opportunities and keep on keeping on until we have the breakthroughs we seek!

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A Good Business Needs Good Photography

No matter how good your services and products are, your business will only look as good as the photos you use in your communication. High quality images are vital for presenting your business in a professional way.

I can work with you to create beautiful and attractive photography that shows you at your very best - whether for brochures, catalogs, advertising, social media or your new website or web shop.

Having professional commercial photography for your business will help you stand out from the crowd when people find you on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

People will choose your YouTube channel, Blog, or Podcast based on the thumbnail image you use. How many times have you picked up a book simply because the cover looked great?

I help you get images that match your brand, help you reach your desired audience and help them pay attention to what you have to offer. To put it simply - I make you look great!

What's Next? - Get in Touch!

I appreciate that every business is different, and yours is no exception! The type of photography I offer for your business can be customised to meet your specific needs.

If you have a business in Zanesville or the Columbus, Cincinnati or Cleveland areas then please feel free to contact me. We can discuss your business and marketing goals and make a plan for how we can achieve them together.

Weddings &



From the moment she says “I do!”

It can be the moment she says “I do”, or a planned photography session at some of your favorite locations. Couples can get incredible images for the “save the date” card to help guests remember their wedding date.

At your wedding reception, guests can sign a large framed and matted print or guest book filled with photography from our photography sessions.

A wedding day has so many significant moments that you want to remember. The day passes so quickly. Sweet happy tears flow. You look your best, you’re with your family and best friends, and you want to remember it all.

Your photos will bring back memories for years to come of not just how your day looked, but more importantly how it felt.

The most popular options include heirloom albums, large wall prints, and sharing your memories online with digital images. You will receive a complimentary digital image of every one you select for your album and wall art.

So, if you need wedding photography in Zanesville, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland or anywhere else in Ohio then you know what to do… Get in touch!

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What to Expect

I want a photo session. What happens next?

1. Get in touch

Let’s discuss what kind of photography session will help you the most. At this time, we talk about your needs and why you want a session.

How do you want to use your images? Will you need digital images for a website, social media or catalog or will it be to create an album your grandchildren will cherish?

We determine if an in person or video consultation will be necessary. Will you want help selecting outfits from your current wardrobe, determining where your wall art will go in your home, a make-up artist and hair stylist, locations you’d like to photograph. And we create a plan that fits with your budget.

2. Consultation

Sarah will meet with you to discover the best images you need to connect with your ideal clients and help you prepare for your photography session.

3. Personal branded photoshoot

If you would like your hair and make up styled, let’s plan for it! Sarah can schedule your hair and make-up immediately prior to your photo session at a convenient location. This should take about an hour and a half.

At a personal branded photography session we meet at locations that will share your vision and change your outfits as needed.

You can include people, pets and activities that help you connect with your followers.

When they see you have unique interests that they also have it will create an instant bond.

Uncommon interests may include activities like mountain biking, knitting, boating, running races, eating kale and gaming.

4. View images immediately

To save you time, you get to view and select your favorite images immediately after the session.

The selection process takes about an hour.

Some images you will just use for social media stories and elevating your website, others will be so meaningful to you that you will want them to fill your empty walls.

This is the time you pay for the collection of images, wall art and albums.

5. Download and use your Images

After you select the images you need, Sarah will enhance them and label them to help improve SEO to help clients find you.

For your convenience, you will get an online gallery.

I am a nature loving, distance runner, and of course professional photographer based in Zanesville. I like to make my photography services easy and convenient.

Sarah - Desired Focus Photographer
  • Caring professional photographer. (I started Desired Focus 12 years ago!)
  • Choose your locations, your number of outfits, and time.
  • Full Service - I don’t just leave you with jpgs that never get printed. I offer wall art, albums and more!
  • I come to your home or office to help you design a wall layout for your prints, if you want them.
  • I use a professional lab to save time and create museum quality prints.

Photography Classes

Beginner Photography Class

  • Get off auto mode.
  • Use Program mode, Shutter Priority, and Aperture Priority.
  • Control your flash.
  • Perfect Exposure.
  • No more harsh orange or blue hues.
  • Shoot in dark rooms easier.
  • Get action shots.
  • Get the artsy blur.

Personal Lesson

  • Cover exactly what you want to learn.
  • Meet at your favorite location.


Model photo
Sarah is an amazing photographer. She doesn’t just capture the beauty of her client, she also captures their essence. That’s why she’s my go to person for all my photography needs. From taking my head shots for my website, to my husband’s fitness shots, to our family pictures, christening, birthdays and the book cover picture for my husband's memoir as well as pictures for his campaign materials when he ran for judge. We trust Sarah to consistently deliver quality, breathtaking pictures of our family, events and business shots. Sarah is the best and I always refer her to my friends.
Photography lessons
Sarah taught my two daughters a private photography course that was invaluable to their understanding of the many nuances and settings of their cameras. As a result, one of my daughters has gone on to have a successful photography business. Sarah is an excellent teacher who was so patient, cheerful and encouraging to my daughters
Elizabeth J.

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