Jill – The photoshoot gave her time to finally prioritize herself

March 25, 2024
Woman holding her hand near face. In studio with grey background. Wearing brown and black striped wrap dress. Reddish brown hair.Woman holding her hand near face. In studio with grey background. Wearing brown and black striped wrap dress. Reddish brown hair.

Now is the time

These 40 over 40 photoshoots are designed specifically for women. They are all about celebrating the beauty and strength of women.

We're on a mission to showcase that women matter just as much as anyone else, and embracing self-care and self-love isn't just acceptable, it's essential!

And let me tell you, it's not about being vain, no! It's about recognizing your intrinsic worth! These photoshoots are your chance to finally prioritize yourself. And it's liberating! 

These photoshoots are your golden opportunity to finally put yourself first. Take Jill, for example. She realized it was the perfect time to do it because her son was off to college. "I was newly an empty nester. It was a year to do things for me."

Two images of Gina. One is in a professional black jacket and the other a fun white design on a black dress.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would you say?


Always trust your gut!

I always love encouraging women who join the 40 over 40 portrait experience to first have the photoshoot in my Granville Studio.

And since they already look amazing with their "camera ready" hair and makeup professionally styled, I ask if they want to add family members they love, pets or different kinds of photography. They think of ways they can use their images that might benefit them like include headshots or if they have a business; create branding images they'll use for their website, social media or billboards.

Jill was able to include her son because his college is close by and we even added her two dogs at a park close to her home.

Gina smiling with a fun red top with white spots

What's the best part of being over 40?


Being comfortable in your own skin and with who you are.

Happy Together

How did the photoshoot impact you?


I saw myself in new light, no pun intended. 🙂


Would you like to share anything to help others?


If it feels right, do it. No second guessing.

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