June 30, 2023

"I'm 65 and might as well go all out!"

Allow me to introduce you to Lois, a client who introduced me to an exciting and unique artistic challenge. As an artist, I have mainly focused on creating artwork by creating photographs, until Lois came along.

While I don't paint on bodies, I embarked on a creative journey to find a solution that would merge her love for art and my digital skills. I used Photoshop to blend a couple landscapes onto her body, creating my first ever body painting.

When I stepped into her home, to install the wall art, I was instantly immersed with captivating art from all over the world. It was then that I understood why she wanted to be so creative with her photoshoot and her body.

I was impressed with Lois and her journey of self-discovery and empowerment. After years of caring for others, Lois has decided to make a pivotal change in her life and also care for herself. Seeking a new path that aligns with her passion for supporting and guiding others, she has embarked on a certification program in coaching.

Her transformative journey began when Lois discovered the powerful practice of the jade egg exercise, which has taken her on a profound exploration of her own desires, strengths, and boundaries. Now, armed with newfound self-awareness and a burning desire to empower herself, Lois is ready to reclaim her own dreams and aspirations. And she still finds a way to still care for her loved ones.

Sharon gave Sarah two of her images from Glamour Shots. They are displayed here. She has dramatic makeup and soft focus on the faces.

What motivated you to join the 40 over 40 project?


"A few different things motivated me to join the 40 women over 40 project, but I loved the idea of women being empowered and feeling sexy no matter what. All women are beautiful!! Women over forty need to understand the true power they have..their lives are hectic and mostly the last person they think about is themselves. I love this project because women can feel sexy..find their spirit…feel special. And in many ways see that woman they are!! That’s powerful!"

Sharon crouches in front of the camera while holding her leather jacket's collar. Her nails are platinum and she is wearing aviator sunglasses. She has white short hair and a closed but content smile. There are blurry lights behind her. It looks like she is in a dark parking lot at night.

What's the best part of being over 40?


"It has changed somewhat with each decade. The busy life of being a supportive partner to my spouse and raising my kids to be the best adults to still finding time for pieces of me..goes to still being supportive to my family and friends but to reconnecting and seeing and finding what MY dreams, desires and wants truly are at this phase of my life. It’s like a friend told me it’s like coming home to yourself and learning to love all parts of you again but not caring how the outside world responds!!"

Sharon has lacy blue dress and smiles with pearl earrings and a necklace. She is in front of a blue ocean. Her fingernails are painted platinum.

If you could give your younger self advice, what would you say?


"Don’t worry so much about what others are doing thinking or being. Find your true authentic self and just do and be YOU!!"

Sharon leans on couch and smiles. She has white hair, a white shirt and blue turquoise jewelry and blue jeans.

How did the photoshoot impact you?


"First of all, I met Sarah!! She is fabulous to work with as I had many ideas and she was so open and honest about them. During the photo shoot I wanted to find me, my rhythm. Afterward looking at the pictures I could see all the parts of who I truly am."

two portraits hanging on Sharon's walls

Would you like to share anything to help others?


"I have learned through my own experience that women need to seek and love who they truly are..actually all people do but particularly women. We are bombarded constantly and throughout our lives not only by social media but culturally too of how we should look to be loved..what we should wear or not wear to be a part of…we need to be or act a certain way in order to find and catch that guy!! We need to realize that this is all outside ways to feel loved..accepted..wanted. I want women to understand they need to go deep within to attract and manifest all that is best for us. When we truly fall in love with OUR true authenticity..OUR true essence..OUR true spirit..OUR true power..Then nothing can stop us!!"

Woman with white hair crouching and looking up to camera. She has a black background with lighter grey around her head.

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