I am Strong

I'm really impressed with Kieren's resilience and she is a beautiful example of a Strong Woman. I first met her when she took my Advanced Photography course several years ago. She even helped me shoot a few weddings.

“I am a survivor. Not from cancer or another illness but from abuse. My husband of 15 years became very psychologically abusive the last year and a half of our marriage. It was difficult and almost broke me. But I finally realized my worth and value to God and as a woman. I realized I could heal from this and move on to find myself again.


“I stopped caring for myself. It was depressing to cook for one, when my son wasn't with me. After three months, I ended up with pneumonia and my diabetes was out of control. My pneumonia was so bad that they thought I had a mass in lungs.
I realized I needed to save myself and no one else could.
So, I started caring for myself and losing weight. And I realized I needed support. I started going to divorce support group at a church. ”

I realized I needed to save myself and no one else could.

Angry woman with green eyes and word Psycho painted in pink on wet face.

It feels like a new beginning when I took control of my life again.

Peaceful Anna looks forward. Blue words 'beautiful,' 'peace,' and 'survivor' are painted on arms and face.

“I think it is important to be able to see our beauty physically because we have such a hard time seeing it inside.

We shot Kieren's photography session at Homestead Metro Park in Hilliard (and then had dinner at Bibibop!)

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