Introducing Associate Photographer Casey

Desired Focus Photography is Growing

Desired Focus Photography is a studio Sarah Henderson started 15 years ago with the core values of excellence and personal care. From the beginning she wanted people to know they are valuable while giving them the best experience and quality images.

"I chose a luxury brand so I can give people the highest quality images while making sure they felt valued. Treating people like they matter is just as important as excellent images. That's why I called my business Desired Focus." - Sarah Henderson, Owner of Desired Focus Photography

Sarah just hired Desired Focus Photography's first associate photographer who fits right in with the core values. Casey Green is kind, fun to work with, and her images are beautiful.

People relax when Casey is shooting because she guides them. It can feel awkward in front of a camera, because so many people don't know what they look like and how to move. She shows each person what to do and helps them feel confidant by showing them what they look like in the process.

People need to see they are incredible!
Skylar has dedicated her life to healing and saving animals by becoming a Veterinarian
"It was a pleasure to have my professional headshots updated with Desired Focus Photography. Sarah introduced me to her Assistant Photographer, Casey. Without hesitation and with confidence, Casey began posing me and capturing images. She is tremendously gifted at her craft! I highly recommend Desired Focus Photography, Sarah and Casey." - Neica L. Raker Neica Raker Interiors, Ltd.
Skylar and her beautiful dog

“Working with Sarah and Casey was extremely easy and much more enjoyable than what I anticipated going into the shoot. The atmosphere was very relaxed, friendly and made the entire process simple, quick and easier than expected."

- Jim Sulzer, Headshots for new position

Skylar and her beautiful cat
"Casey was wonderful. Working with Casey was an absolute pleasure. Her guidance during the photo shoot was exceptional, providing clear instructions and fostering a positive atmosphere. Her professionalism and kindness made the experience truly enjoyable." - Nicole Henry, NH Hair Studio
Headshot of Skylar
I love our studio! It's a dream to have employers send their new hires to us for headshots and to update their group shot for their websites and billboards! - Sarah Henderson
Skylar with her chicken

We create a safe place to build confidence and see you are beautiful.

How does it work? How do I schedule a photoshoot?

To keep things simple, you just contact Sarah to talk about photoshoots.

Click here to check out her schedule and book a time for a zoom call.

  • Sarah will help you plan for the photoshoot through zoom.
  • Casey is taking clients for photoshoots for June and July. Sarah will also take clients booking photoshoots for August and September.
  • Sarah will help you decided which images you want and help you order products and prints through zoom now or in person in August.

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