Do you want to feel beautiful and powerful?

Are you over 40 and want to show that
beauty is not about a number?

Well now you can!


The 40 over 40 Women's Project

All women are worthy of being seen, heard, and confident in who we are at each stage of our lives. I am inviting you to embrace every scar, dimple, and gray hair because age does not define beauty.

I'll be photographing 40 women over the age of 40 and creating beautiful portraits which capture our true selves. You are welcome to join me on this journey toward self-acceptance, healing, and celebration.

Whether you feel invisible, empowered, or somewhere in between, know that you are valued and loved. I capture images and stories of real women, just like you, in order to change the way women over 40 are viewed.

Join us for an amazing and
empowering experience!

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About This Magazine-Style Photoshoot

If you are interested in joining then visit the 40 over 40 project page for full details of pricing and what's included in the package.