Professional Photographers of America Certification

Sarah Henderson is a certified professional photographer

With an unwavering dedication to providing my clients with the highest quality images, products, and services, I've always treated each person with the utmost care and understanding, just as I would treat my own mom, wanting only the best for her. Throughout my 15-year journey as a professional photographer, I worked diligently to create images that resonated with each client, constantly pushing myself to offer the best I could.

Realizing that achieving my true potential required continuous growth and improvement, I decided to pursue becoming a certified professional photographer. I sought to go beyond my "current" best, seeking to save my clients valuable time by enhancing my skills. By doing so, I could offer more variety during photoshoots and help people get back to doing what they love

"I've taken the next step by becoming a certified professional photographer!"
Skylar has dedicated her life to healing and saving animals by becoming a Veterinarian
Through my education, I was exposed to various shooting and lighting techniques, enabling me to evolve into the creative artist I always aspired to be. My goal was to create beautiful works of art that captured the essence of the people I photographed, and I learned several ways to achieve that.
Skylar and her beautiful dog

Moreover, obtaining certification was a means to establish trust and credibility with potential clients. By being recognized by a national organization like Professional Photographers of America, I wanted to make it easier for people to choose me confidently, knowing that I was committed to delivering excellence in my craft.

"I would recommend all photographers pursue certification because it is challenging and rewarding. My educators cared about the people we will be working with and even while learning technical elements, the purpose to help others was at the heart. I'm so grateful I found the Professional Photographers of America."

Sarah Henderson holds her camera as she looks up. She is at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville at the yearly convention for the Professional Photographers of America.