The 40 over 40 project for 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in this experience?

  • The participation fee is $390. The fee holds your date and allows us to book in the hair and makeup artist for your shoot, it also covers the consultation, photoshoot, two gorgeous matted prints of your choice and inclusion the 40 Over 40 Portrait Exhibition.

What does $390 include?

  • CONSULTATION - to discuss your vision for how you want to be photographed and coach you on what to wear/styling

    HAIR & MAKEUP - A professional makeover on your photoshoot date

    PHOTOSHOOT - a 1.5 - 2 hour photoshoot with Sarah

    REVEAL & ORDER SESSION - an in person session immediately after your photoshoot, we look at the 20-30 images we have created for you. At this session you can choose one complimentary print in your $390 package, and place your order for more prints that include digital images, and wall art. A la carte portraits are $250 and my collections of eight or more start at $1490. The more photographs you purchase, the more you save.

    PORTRAIT CELEBRATION + EXHIBITION - upon completion of the project there will be a celebration and exhibition to showcase the portraits of all 40 women. Your photograph will be included in this event

    VIP FACEBOOK GROUP - be a part of a community of women all participating in this project. Share your experience and cheer each other on

    FEATURED ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA - your images and story will be featured on our social media and possibly YouTube.

What kind of products do you offer?

  • I offer beautiful products to store and display your new photographs, including matted prints, albums, folio boxes and wall art. My most popular item is a glass-front eco-leather box, hand crafted in Italy, which sits on your mantel or bookshelf to show off your new matted prints. It's like a living frame, where you may swap out the photo in the front at any time.

Where does the photoshoot take place?

  • I am shooting in two states.
    I love Wisconsin since it is where I grew up and love to be. I will offer for no additional charge the option to shoot at your home in Sheboygan, Kohler and Johnsonville. In Ohio, we will shoot at my studio in Zanesville and if you'd like to upgrade to a photo session at a location you choose it will only cost $690 to upgrade.

    Some people choose to upgrade when they want more time to add on family pictures or personal branding for their business. Others want to upgrade so they can have the comfort of their home, hotel or a location they love.

    If you'd like to use this session to brand yourself, your business, have a family session, or adventure, we can upgrade to a session that includes a half day of shooting. It will cost $1290 and include a credit you can use towards prints, wall art or digital images of $1000.

What dates do you have available?

  • I have timeslots available for shoots during weekdays by appointment. Availability is first come - first served. On your phone chat I will share the next available dates and make sure to find an opening that works for you. If you are SUPER EXCITED to participate but just can't possibly make those times work, let's chat about your availability. I want to be as inclusive as possible for this project but I am working around my hair & makeup artist's schedule too. I will do my best to accommodate you. 
    If a weekend is your only availability you can upgrade you to the normal cost of $1290 and get a $1000 credit to spend towards prints, wall art, a reveal box or an album. There are few weekends available.

Tell me about the portrait exibition!

  • One of the most exciting parts of this project is to celebrate all 40 of our participants and share your images and stories with the community. There will also be a final celebration featuring all 40 women's portraits on display once this project is complete. Our venue will be announced as we get closer.

Why are you passionate about this project?

  • I just turned 41 and I can relate with all my 40+ sisters of the feelings we have about aging and how we are underrepresented in the media. There's no expiration date on being a fabulous, happy, fulfilled, and vibrant woman. You inspire me. Your story inspires me. You show me and our society the truth-- that a woman just gets better with time, like a fine wine! I am a huge believer in women's empowerment. There aren't enough platforms for women over 40 to share their story and their beauty.

Is it ok if I'm not photogenic?

  • Whoa, stop right there beauty! I simply don't believe in "photogenic." It's my job as the photographer to make you look and feel amazing! And lucky for you I am a trained master at making women of all ages, shapes and sizes look amazing in photographs.

What will I wear?

  • You can wear up to 4 different outfits in your photoshoot. You can be casual in jeans and a black or white shirt. You can wear a sun dress. You can wear a fancy cocktail dress or jumpsuit. You can wear yoga clothes. You could even wear lingerie. There's no rules. This is up to you! I want to photograph you based on YOUR UNIQUE VISION.

What if I'd like to include my children, partner, pet or family?

  • Certainly! You can definitely include loved ones in your shoot! Extra hair and make up is $150 per person (if needed). Part of your story is the people (and furry pets) you love. So if you want to include your loved ones, the more the merrier. And you also have total permission to make this photoshoot just about YOU!

Can I refer a friend over 30 to be part of this project?

  • Yes! I would love to also have your friends be a part of this project! Please spread the word.

What if I booked my date and paid $390 and then have to reschedule?

  • I totally understand that life happens! I do book in my hair & makeup artist's time to be at your photoshoot. Therefore, you are allowed one reschedule more than 7 days out from the shoot at no charge. If we have less than 7 days notice (or this is the second time you need to reschedule) we do charge a $100 rescheduling fee.

How are you choosing who participates?

  • We aren't "choosing" anyone. Every woman's story is inspiring. Every woman is beautiful. So we aren't going to exclude anyone who wants to be involved. Basically, this project is first come, first served. If you are willing to connect with Sarah for a "get to know you" call, pay your $390 participation fee book your date are over 30 (or turning 30 this year) you can be a part of the shoot! YAY! The other limit is that we only have a few spots available. Update: 10 left in Zanesville. Only 15 in Wisconsin. Once we hit it, we will create a waitlist of interested women.

This is AMAZING, count me in! I'm ready to book my date. What is next?

  • Here are three easy options to get started:
    1. Press "Join the Project."
    2. Or just call or text Sarah directly 740-647-7485.
    3. Or Email

Sessions are limited

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